Michigan Daily Opinion Section Just Personal Blog For Writer’s Bad Takes

A Michigan Daily Article with the healine "The hidden truth about MDining's 8pm cereal shortages.
The Daily's writers are reportedly "just pitching articles to take up space" on the student publication's website.

Avid readers of The Michigan Daily have recently been noticing that the Opinion section seems to just be an amalgamation of writers’ “most basic thoughts and coldest takes.”

One recent addition to the student newspaper’s op-ed commented on the dining hall’s occasional tendency of running out of cereal: “With this university’s endowment, the fact that dining halls are out of Froot Loops at 6pm is frankly unacceptable.”

“I just don’t really understand how this is a hot take,” said Dana Pappan, referring to a recently published article
entitled, “Math classes at the University are hard.”

Many readers in the comments section of “Why are Ann Arbor restaurants so expensive?” wondered if this was a thoroughly-researched take or just the author’s thinly-veiled complaint against DoorDash fees.

At press time, the Daily’s editorial board released a statement announcing their official stance that “student voices deserve to be heard, even if those student voices are saying something so innocuous and irrelevant that it buries legitimate intellectual discourse or breaking news under a pile of clickbait.”

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