“No Time To Die” Passes “Knives Out” To Become Most Recent Film Starring Daniel Craig

Poster of the new James Bond, "No Time To Die"
“No Time To Die” is also the top-rated movie Craig has starred in in the last two weeks.

MGM and Universal’s “No Time To Die” has officially become the highest-grossing Hollywood film of 2021, and has now surpassed the 2019 “Knives Out” to become the most recent film featuring English actor Daniel Craig. 

After being filmed from spring through the fall of 2019, and theatrically released in the United States on October 8, 2021, the latest entry in the James Bond series immediately overtook the 2019 mystery-thriller and whodunit, “Knives Out” as the newest feature-length film that Daniel Craig has acted in. 

Universal President Peter Cramer said today in a statement: “We are so thrilled and honored to have broken the record concerning the status of films starring Daniel Craig,” going on to say, “it is a testament to audiences and moviegoers everywhere that we have been able to make another, more recently-made film with one of the lead ensemble members of the 2019 Knives Out.” 

Despite the acclaim of boasting Craig’s acting credit most recently, the title is expected to be surpassed by “Knives Out 2” in 2022.

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