People In Bell Tower’s Musical Inspiration Five Year Old That Just Discovered Pianos

The university Bell Tower
Students were seen assuming that the school “just sends anyone up there.”

The employees of Burton Memorial Tower have just revealed that their musical inspiration is “a 5-year-old that recently discovered a piano makes noise.”

“We’re sick of going through the motions of the regular bell tower ringing, so we’re mixing it up. My personal inspiration for bell tower solos is my nephew Walter who likes making loud (somewhat rhythmic) noises with everything around him,” reports one bell tower player Sam Shmarten.

Students around campus have noticed the bell tower embracing melodies with “seemingly no tonal themes.” Many report frequently pausing to try to figure out if the ringing sounds are coming from “a talented musician or a rabid child.” Others have remarked they thought the bell tower was possibly playing a theme song before realizing the person up there “just got lucky and jumbled a couple of correct notes together.”

Bell tower specialist Darren Crum reports, “This is normal for bell towers. They are bells, so they’ll always sound like bells, but it’s hard to know if the lack of rhythm or harmony in notes is artistic or done by a fetus.”

At press time, students were seen being confused every hour, on the hour.

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