Report: All Of DoorDash Just Pizza House Front

Entrance to local Ann Arbor Italian restaurant
Reports confirm all of Uber Eats is just Pizza House as well.

Last week, LSA junior Micah Thompson, looking for a late-night bite to eat, stumbled across a series of DoorDash venues, all which were merely fronts for Pizza House.

Reports claim that Thompson was hoping to find a pickup option that wouldn’t be too far of a walk from outh campus, yet found trouble finding locations beyond a specific venue just off of South University.

“Who knew one building could have so many different restaurants!” exclaimed Thompson, flipping through his fifth pickup option on 618 Church Street.

Ross freshman Joey Demiliani was equally relieved to have a multitude of various venues to peruse from in the wee hours of night.

“It’s so great to have a variety. As the semester rolls along, you really wanna branch out and find different places to try,” stated Demiliani as he scrolled through the menu options for the “Late Night Bites” restaurant, which was actually just Pizza House, and the “Ann Arbor Ice Cream Truck” which was actually just Pizza House as well.

At press time Thompson began to take price totals into consideration, comparing the prices between restaurants such as Pizza House’s “Ann Arbor Wing Company” and Pizza House’s “Breakfast House”, and not to mention Pizza House’s classic “Pizza House”.

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