Report: Entire School Pretends They Believed In Harbaugh This Whole Time

Jim Harbaugh, looking proud of himself after a victory
“With Harbaugh, it’s always been ride-or-die,” one fan's Tweet read.

Reports confirm the football team’s Big Ten Championship victory over Iowa this weekend prompted the entire student body to pretend that Harbaugh “didn’t just get lucky” and that “[they] knew he had something good up his sleeve the whole season.”

“I always knew he could do it,” commented Jacob Lyons, an LSA Junior who had recently taken down a tweet with #FireHarbaugh at the end.

“I might have been scared to walk in public with a Michigan shirt on after the MSU game, but that doesn’t mean I never believed in Harbaugh,” said Ross sophomore Cath Gilbert, nervously fidgeting with her hands.

Fans were seen celebrating the victory over Iowa by shouting “I told you!” over each other in a vain attempt to hide their stunned disbelief. The hashtag #TenYearsLoyal was allegedly shared by hundreds of students who earlier this year would have called any record better than 6-2 “a daydream.”

At press time, senior Lyla Martin is quoted to have said, “I always knew that after last season, he was bound to have an epic comeback this year, and we were all rooting for him the entire time.”

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