Report: Two Drunk Guys At Party Definitely Going To Write Screenplay Together

Two men holding drinks, speaking at party
The new best friends were seen debating whether to write a screenplay or go on a six-state road trip.

Last Saturday night, two drunk guys were reported to have claimed that they were “definitely going to write a screenplay together.”

Xavier Smith and Jordan Dunforth, both English majors, were seen drinking Oberons off to the side of a mutual friend’s party and talking loudly about “cinema,” when all of a sudden one of them had “the idea.”

“They kept saying that they were ‘one-hundred percent’ going to write it by the end of the semester,” said Kailey Donovan, a witness. “One of them even said ‘I’m Ben Affleck, you’re Matt Damon, and this will be our Good Will Hunting,’ then pulled out an old-timey tape recorder and started dictating ideas for the script.”

While Smith and Dunforth’s enthusiasm was obvious, it remains unclear what the screenplay was actually about.

“We wanted to write something Tarentino-esque that incorporates elements of the Kubrick-esque,” reported Dunforth, “and we also definitely want it to be complex, but at the same time, kind of beautiful—like Fight Club meets Scott Pilgrim. We’re really interested in those kinds of dualities: good and evil, bad and good, etcetera.”

At press time the two men hadn’t spoken to each other since.

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