State Street Chipotle Just Now Hearing About Moon Landing

Outside front of Chipotle restaurant
The news comes shortly after the Chipotle learned of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Employees at the Chipotle location on State Street are currently reporting that they’ve just now heard about Neil Armstrong’s 1969 landing on the moon.

“We were just getting around to some orders that were placed in 1969, and all of the sudden we heard about this amazing feat,” reported Christine Hahn, manager at the location. “It’s really incredible.”

Reportedly, the restaurant is so behind that it’s just now getting around to news released in the late 1960s. A few employees have since requested time off for the upcoming Woodstock festival.

“I placed an order at this Chipotle back in 1969,” said 1971 Michigan alum Harry Smith. “I’m really excited to finally get that burrito I ordered. I’ve forgotten what was in it by this point.”

Eyewitnesses report that people of all ages are lined up around the block to receive their orders from the last fifty years.

“Well, at least them hearing this news means they’re finally getting around to the ‘69 orders,” said customer Matt Johnson, who placed an order at the Chipotle in 1984.

The State Street Chipotle is hoping toget around to orders from 1970 in the next three months.

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