Student Org Settles For Mason Hall

An outside view of Mason Hall
The org was seen vaguely concerned that someone would open the door and ask if they had the room reserved.

After losing their usual meeting spot in North Quad due to a recent round of renovations, the university’s Football Watching Club has reportedly “settled for Mason Hall” as their location to watch the big game.

“I tried looking for rooms in the Union or the League, but they were all booked by other student orgs,” said the club’s president Riley Espinosa. “We just decided to wing it on the day of the event and look for an open room in Mason.”

Members of the Football Watching Club were seen peeking into the tiny windows in the doors of various rooms in Mason Hall. Witnesses report seeing the club’s members dart out of the way when spotted by the people occupying the classrooms. The org allegedly found room 2339 unoccupied.

“I mean, it’s Mason. It’s pretty standard. Nothing special. I probably could have found somewhere better, but it didn’t seem worth the effort,” added Espinosa.

At press time, students of the Football Watching Club were seen stuffing their coats into their chairs to make the seats more cushiony.

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