Student Seen Chugging Beer To Support Children’s Charity Through Returnable Can Drive

A man drinking a beer.
Dougherty’s can-collecting effort produced about ten empty cans per hour.

LSA senior Reggie Dougherty was seen chugging cans of beer to support a local children’s charity through their returnable can drive. 

“Saturdays are for the boys, Naturdays are for the kids,” Dougherty chanted as he finished another case. 

“I was pumped up after the 10th one and, crushed the can, but then I realized that didn’t actually help the cause,” Dougherty explained after single-handedly raising 1 dollar. “They said they wanted to raise $5000 by the end of the weekend, and I’d be damned if I wasn’t gonna do everything I possibly could to help.” 

The charity volunteers reiterated that any returnable cans were acceptable, but Doughtery was resolute in his efforts: “When I brought my empty soup cans, they turned me down. This was the only option I had left.” 

Allegedly, Dougherty was heard complaining that he had to provide the cans himself and that the charity would be “way more successful if they could give him the beers.” 

At press time, Dougherty was commenting on how “this isn’t the best kegger he’s been to,” but the effort was applauded nonetheless. 

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