Ann Arbor Voted Best College Town Named After Trees And Some Woman

A "welcome to Ann Arbor" sign.
The college town also ranked within the top ten college towns with alliterative names.

Ann Arbor has topped the list of “College Towns in America That Get Their Names From A Tree and Some Random Ass Lady,” in a recent list published on CollegeToday. com. 

“When it comes to college towns, nobody does it better than Ann Arbor,” says Phillip Walton, sports editor for the website. “This place has everything, including literally hundreds of trees. It’s all thanks to some anonymous gal that lent her name to this city, whoever the hell she was.” 

Also contenders were Charlotesville, Virginia, despite a name being void of trees entirely, and Madison, Wisconsin, though that is actually named after a man named Madison. 

“Though Chapel Hill and Boulder both get some props for incorporating beautiful nature imagery into their names, Ann Arbor just screams ‘trees,’ and that was also important to us,” Walton adds. 

University students were reportedly delighted by their city ranking so high. “I feel so proud to live in Ann Arbor,” says Senior Katelyn Grant. “And I thank my lucky stars every day for Ann, whoever that old broad was. We couldn’t do it without you!” 

Ranking last on the list was Columbus, Ohio, for, what Walton called, “obvious reasons.” 

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