Area Woman Confirms Date’s Ex-Girlfriend Sounds Like Total Psycho

woman nervously sipping wine
“No, she’s crazy to think you’d pay for dinner,” agreed Cyren nervously.

Local woman Kendall Cyren confirmed to her date this past Saturday that his ex-girlfriend did, in fact, “sound like a total psycho.”

The move has been regarded by several friends and concerned onlookers as “exceptionally desperate” and “a really tough look for women everywhere.”

“No, I totally get it,” replied Cyren. “Why would she invite you to a party where she knows other hot girls would be and then expect you not to ask for their numbers? That’s completely insane. And then to turn it around on you, when she was the one who insisted you had to pick her twentieth birthday over a night with the boys? On a Saturday, no less? You’re so right – she sounds crazy.”

“Look, I get it,” commented Cyren’s close friend Maura Loften. “She hasn’t found much luck since Dylan dumped her, and it’s easy to say whatever you think will land you a second date. But this? This is beneath her.”

“I’m glad someone gets it,” answered Cyren’s date Logan Thompson. “She was crazy, no doubt about it. I’ve been telling every girl I go out with all about her so they know my standards, but unfortunately everyone before Kendall has coincidentally moved to another state by the time I ask for a second date.”

At press time, Cyren was spotted scoffing in horror when her date mentioned his ex had also requested his presence at a charity ball occurring at the same time as “the big game.”

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