Boy, That Sure Is Good Bourbon

Man drinking from glass

Aaahhhhh. Oh yeah. Yep. Boy, I’ll tell ya, that sure is good bourbon. It was made in Kentucky, you know. Good stuff. I’ve got an uncle who buys this by the barrel. Yeah, we’ve got some family up near the distillery.

What? Have I ever considered making a cocktail with it? And sully bourbon as fine as this? Listen, chief, this isn’t just your dollar store Jim Beam. This is Woodford Reserve. You’re supposed to feel every sip. If you’re not wincing and puckering like you just ate a Warhead, you’re not doing it right. Your mouth should feel like someone lit a match inside it, and your breath should smell the same way your dads did after a rough day at the office.

Oh, this? Oh, it’s my glass smoker. Yeah, see, you put the wood chips in and then you burn them and it fills the glass up with smoke. The smoke is really cool and it gives it a nice, smokey flavor. These are applewood. My preferred smoke flavor for when I smoke my glass. What’s that? Why would you want your drink to taste like smoke? Ok, clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Wait, where are you going? I haven’t even told you about my whiskey stones! See, you put them in the drink instead of ice so it doesn’t water down the drink.

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