Corporations Hoping Single Black History Month Post Will Make Consumers Forget Child Slavery Allegations

tweet from Nestle with video of employees
“Yeah, this’ll totally work,” reported social media managers across corporate America upon pressing “Post.”

This past month, corporations have flocked to social media to make a single post in observance of Black History Month in hopes it would “make consumers forget about the multiple pending child slavery lawsuits facing their companies.”

Last Sunday, the Nestlé US Twitter account made a very profound post: “We must work together to achieve equality for all, and address how the effects of slavery are still felt in society today.” By Monday, the account had disabled replies after an influx of users asking if Nestlé would take the same approach to the child slaves whose “nimble fingers they use to harvest cacao pods.”

Hershey made a post on Instagram last Friday that consisted of a picture of Black civil rights leaders with the caption being the company’s slogan: “Pure happiness.” However, when asked if this happiness extended to the West African workers who are barely paid a living wage for their back-breaking labor, Hershey declined to comment.

“It’s just nice to see that these companies are recognizing the racism and exploitation of the African-American community and working towards addressing it. Big emphasis on the ‘American’ in that sentence, though,” said Stella Crews, a self-proclaimed “Hershey-lover.”

At press time, Activision-Blizzard was seen preparing a post for Women’s History Month in hopes the public would “forget about their recent sexual misconduct allegations.”

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