Corpse Really Wishing Mortician Would Stop Talking During Haircut

A mortician is prepping a corpse on a table in a light room.
One corpse wished Smith would “stop to take a breath once in a while.”

According to recent reports, local mortician Kevin Smith will not stop talking to his clients while giving them haircuts.

“Y’know, sometimes I just wanna get embalmed and not have to worry about making small talk,” noted recently deceased Jim Pentz. “Hasn’t he heard the term Rest In Peace?”

“It gets kind of creepy around here, especially with all the bodies,” Smith said in a statement. “It lightens the mood.” 

The constant talking has been reported to have been falling upon deaf ears.

“He seems like a nice guy, but I come here to relax, you know?” commented Julia Pavel, another recently deceased person. “He asked me if I played any sports. Do I look like I play sports?”

Smith humorously reported that “if they want me to stop, they’ll tell me themselves.”

At press time, the corpses were heard groaning.

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