Distraught Fashion Writers Report No End In Sight For Infinity Scarves

Woman wearing infinity scarf that has no noticable end point
The report also found a sharp rise in high-waisted jeans and a dramatic dip in low-cut shirts

The nation’s fashion writers are reportedly saddened by the news that the wearing of infinity scarves has “no end in sight.”

According to InStyle Magazine fashion curator Devon Brookswood, infinity scarves were only briefly in vogue during the early 2010s but continue to be worn by Millennial women and clearance shoppers to this day.

“Much like its fabric, the infinity scarf simply will not come to an end,” said Vogue reporter Allison Li. “The fashion industry has been chasing its tail round in circles trying to figure out why they’ve maintained this limited popularity, but we just cannot get to the bottom of it.”

Fashion writers across New York City are reportedly fed up with seeing the item worn in public and are advocating for the end of the infinity scarf. 

“Please just get a normal scarf,” said Cosmopolitan writer Jake Richards. “Like, we understand fast fashion is a problem. But for the love of God, long-lasting does not have to mean infinite.”

“The infinity scarf is a sickening slap in the face to fashion,” reported Elle writer Margaret McMillan. “I can’t figure out why they’re still popular. No matter how hard I try I just can’t unravel the mystery.” 

At press time, fashion activists attempting to put an end to the infinity scarf were reportedly right back where they started.

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