Good Samaritan Cuts Lock Off Malnourished
Bike Chained Up Outside In Cold

A nice man cutting the bike free
The bike was reported to have been separated from its mother in the late hours of the night.

Witnesses reported seeing Good Samaritan Ronnie Lewis free a badly neglected bike from captivity on Monday.

When Lewis, 24, found the bike, he said it was “frozen solid” and “ice cold to the touch.”

“I don’t know what came over me,” Lewis said in an interview. “I just saw the little guy and knew I had to help.”

On Monday, Lewis came upon what he described as “a crime scene.” He continued, “these are wild creatures. They don’t deserve to be locked up like this.”

Reports confirm the thin, carbon-fiber-frame bike was found starving and covered in snow, including a rusted chain that suggested constant exposure to the elements. Lewis described the bike’s living conditions as “abhorrent,” saying that “he had at least three locks chaining him to the post—two cords and a U-lock.”

“I had to use my bolt cutters to get him free,” Lewis said, shaking his head. “Whoever did this had even branded the poor thing. He had a chemical burn under where I removed a ‘Registered DPSS Property’ sticker.”

Lewis remarked that he found the bike when he did. “Thank God I was there, you know? If I hadn’t found him, that poor bike might still be chained to that front porch, right where his owner left him.”

At press time, Lewis was seen taking the bike into his own house, where he promised to provide him with “a warm place to sleep, air for his tires, and all the WD-40 he could want.”

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