House With Bloody Handprint On Window Up Way Too Late To Be Halloween Decoration

Neighbors called the net of caution tape set up outside the house “spirited, but too early.”

A lone house on Vaughn Street has recently put up some untimely Halloween decorations by painting bloody, dragging handprints on several windows in February.

Neighbors of the house have reportedly not met the sole resident and have “no idea” why he would be setting up decorations. Neighbors claim they have only seen him enter the house wearing all black with groceries and shovels.

Neighbors claim the loner has done this several times this semester, once with a realistic skeleton in the front yard, and another time with severed limbs scattered throughout the backyard. Neighbors admire his “commitment to realism.”

The bloody handprints were seen on the window in the living room and in the basement. Both handprints appear to be different sizes, adding to the artistic integrity.

“They only put them up a week ago when they had a friend over, and they must’ve went home late at night cause I didn’t see them leave,” reports neighbor Jessie Folia. “I’m all for Halloween decorations around Halloween, especially ones that are so realistic. I guess they’re just really in the spirit.”

Around press time, a rumpled, dirty figure was seen hastily wiping the blood away with Windex.

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