“Lunch For Dinner” Unable To Garner Same Excitement As Breakfast Counterpart

Picture of the North Quad dining hall with a sign advertising "lunch for dinner".
“Dinner For Breakfast” also failed to live up to “Breakfast For Dinner”.

In an effort to increase foot traffic to the North Quad Dining Hall, head chef Jermaine Peppers has begun serving “lunch for dinner,” with minimal reception.

The idea came to fruition after the success of “breakfast for dinner,” where students were free from the usual confines of morning to eat their favorite breakfast foods. “I thought that the next logical step was lunch for dinner,” said Peppers. “We were very excited to serve lunchtime staples, like pasta, pizza, and salad. It was a shame that it didn’t get the response we wanted”.

The majority of the students we surveyed didn’t even know about the special promotion. Those that were aware felt that the two meals were “basically the same thing.”

“You think lunch for dinner was a bad idea?! I’ll show you a bad idea!” said an enraged Peppers. “How about ‘No Coffee for Breakfast’ or ‘My Spit in Your Chicken Noodle Soup’! Maybe then you’d appreciate lunch for dinner.”

Some skeptical students guessed that there were too many leftovers from lunch, and the dining hall just reheated it again for dinner. On these allegations, Peppers had no comment.

Peppers is reporting that North Quad’s lunch for tomorrow will be chicken fingers and pizza.

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