Okay, But No One Look At Me

A middle school girl about to belt her heart out

Oh my gosh this is so embarrassing. Look away. Ahh no seriously look away. I don’t trust youuuuu. Okay wait let’s go to the bathroom so I can hide in a stall. OMG don’t go under the stall you’re crazyyy. Okay stay outside. Okay I’m gonna do it. Wait wait wait no, okay.

*Deep breath*… Iiiif I-I-I shouuuld stayyyyy… OMG don’t make me laugh stoppppppp. I’m trying to be serious. Ahem… I would only be in your wayyyyyyyayyyy… was that good? No you’re just saying that. You think I could go pro? OMG stop, I’m not that good… AND IIIIIIIIIEIIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUU-OOOO. Sorry you have to, like, belt that bit.

Hope I wasn’t too loud, don’t wanna draw attention to myself that would be awkwardddd. Oh my God did someone just walk into the bathroom? How embarrassing!!! No Mrs. Daniels, that wasn’t me singing… unless it was like really good. Yeah we’ll go to class soon, don’t worry.

OMG that was so embarrassing, hope she didn’t hear too much. Guess we should probably go to class. Don’t tell anyone about this though. I was gonna, like, sing at the talent show or something and I want everyone to be surprised at how good I am. It would be like a real life Hannah Montana reveal.

You know, people always tell me I sound like Ariana Grande. You agree? OMG stooopppppp you’re definitely just saying that you little liar. Ugh what a rush. Well we should probably get back to boring class.

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