People Gushing Over How Small Newborn Is As If He Wasn’t Just Born

Baby who was just born getting looked at by a doctor.
Family also gushed how Jax “looks just like his daddy” due to both father and son having eyes and a mouth.

Reports confirm that family members of newborn Jax Newson, son of Ashlie and Derek Newson, are gushing over how “itty-bitty” and “tiny” young Jax is as if he wasn’t just born.

“Look at the little guy! Only eight pounds? He’s so light! I can’t believe my eyes!” exclaimed Geraldine Newson, Jax’s paternal grandmother, upon visiting the literal newborn in the postpartum unit of St. Johns Hopkins Hospital.

In a Facebook post announcing the birth of her son just 18 hours after he exited the womb, Ashlie wrote, “He’s just so tiny. It’s unbelievable. I never knew how much I could love something so small.”

Reports confirm the family won’t stop making comments like “He could fit in the palm of my hand” and “He’s barely even the size of a football”. 

At press time, the Newson family was seen “losing their minds” over how tiny Jax’s new clothes are, despite the infant being in gestation only days before.

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