Report: Grandma Singing Along To National Anthem Again

McIntosh was also seen whistling "America, the Beautiful" on her daily stroll around the neighborhood.

While at her grandson’s basketball game this past weekend, it was reported that area grandma Doris McIntosh was “singing along to the national anthem again.”

“Sure, she didn’t hit all the right notes, but boy, did she know all the words,” said McIntosh’s son, Mark. “I suppose that’s what eighty-two years of practice gets you.”

In her accompaniment to the worn-out recording played over the gym’s PA system, McIntosh was joined by a choir of fellow grandparents and self-proclaimed patriots. No stranger to singing along with the all-American tune, Doris’ voice was a “jarring” surprise for the crowd who thought the only entertainment they’d be subjected to was “sweaty middle schoolers playing a mediocre game.”

“I wasn’t going to stand for the anthem at first, but I think she would’ve gotten really judgemental if I didn’t,” said Olivia McIntosh, Doris’ granddaughter also in attendance at the game. “Last week, she knocked off some kid’s hat when he didn’t take it off.”

At press time, McIntosh was reportedly upstaging her church’s choir in the fourth verse of “Amazing Grace.”

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