Report: SKB Not Short For “Skeleton Building”

The non-skeletal school of kinesiology building
Reports also confirm the BSB is not actually the acronym for “Bus Building.”

After months of misinformation following major building renovations, it has been confirmed that the newly-renamed SKB is not short for “Skeleton Building.”

“I always just assumed the School of Kinesiology studied all sorts of skeletons,” said LSA student Kailey Nelson. “Skeleton Building just felt more fitting for the type of stuff that must go on in there.”

Students reported the large wire structure in the building’s lobby only seemed to confirm suspicions. “She must have a skeleton,” said Logan Simmons, a frequenter of the SKB. “Everyone’s textbooks have skeletons on them. It just makes sense.”

According to many, the building’s acronym, SKB, looked “perfect” for what was previously widely known as the Skeleton Building. Additionally, the building’s interior has been described by some as “wide and empty like a ribcage” and “white like bones.”

At press time, the School of Kinesiology was reportedly scrambling to find another way to draw attention to their presence.

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