Sandra Bullock To Play Tough, Employed, Sexy Brunette

Sandra Bullock looking professional
Bullock is set to star opposite Margot Robbie, who plans to do some sort of accent.

Actress Sandra Bullock is rumored to be breaking into an exciting new role as “the gritty, tell-it-like-it-is, employed brunette who had no idea she was totally sexy this whole time,” in her latest upcoming film, set to hit theaters later this year.

“I’m excited to take this new creative risk and really embrace the challenge,” remarked Bullock, who has played almost an identical character in over twenty blockbuster smash hits. “In a way, I almost feel like this character and I are so similar, yet so polar opposite at the same time.”

Bullock’s agent, Mark Hughes, expressed a cautious optimism about his client’s compatibility with the role. “It’ll be entirely new for her, and one of the most complex and difficult characters to nail down we’ve ever seen on screen,” he commented. “This new character, while nearly the same in every way to all of her past roles, has hair described as ‘medium ashy brown,’ which is leaps and bounds ahead of the ‘warm auburn’ she’s played in the past, if we’re speaking conceptually.”

At press time, Bullock was seen practicing a few key martial arts kicks, nodding while she logically deduces an important plot point, and smiling in a loving, yet exasperated manner.

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