Study Abroad Cancellations Prompt Juniors To Get Addicted To Cigarettes In America Instead 

A few men smoking cigarettes.
Students figured they could lounge on balconies, wear corduroy pants, and eat scones anywhere.

U-M juniors with cancelled study abroad plans are reportedly “looking into ways to get addicted to cigarettes in America instead.” 

Hope Alonso, who was hoping to spend her second semester in Paris, expressed disdain at her study abroad’s cancellation. “Yeah, it’s really disappointing,” Alonso said, “but I’ll save so much money just smoking cigarettes here instead.” 

7-11 stores around Ann Arbor have reportedly been experiencing a shortage of nicotine-based products as students with cancelled plans look to recreate the “foreign experience” at home. 

“Yesterday, I got a coffee at the Starbucks on South U, then I walked around smoking a Camel and posted an artsy-looking picture of the Bell Tower on my Instagram story. Who needs Barcelona?” reported LSA junior Brandon Kane. 

“I’ve even bought a sleek leather coat and trendy sunglasses. And a pack of Marlboros, of course,” reported Estella King, who hoped to travel to Berlin this semester. “Isn’t that exactly what all my peers are doing? 

At press time, students were reporting that though they’d hoped to meet new people abroad, they were making plenty of new friends through asking strangers to bum a cig. 

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