Trucks Next To Each Other On Freeway Probably Besties

Two trucks driving next to each other in a friendly way
People driving behind two trucks can reportedly almost see the pair holding hands.

Princeton scientists have revealed it likely that trucks that are next to each other on a freeway are probably “besties.”

Professor Grace Garter, lead analyst on the study, reported, “if you listen closely you can hear one truck say to the other ‘Oh hey Carl, lovely weather we’re having, eh?’”

One specific set of best friends Garter’s team studied were Carl and Gary, two semi trucks from Austin, Texas. According to the team’s analysis, they “used to spend long days playing in the fields together as children, and would have competitions over which one of them could look more like they were carrying giant shipments of drugs across the border.”

Garter further mentioned that the study has provided great evidence that trucks go slower than other cars on the freeway because they are “in too deep of a conversation” and “giggling their tires off too much to focus on the road.”

At press time, Carl and Gary were observed making their way down the 405, reportedly laughing about when they used to play limbo with different freeway overpasses.

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