Unidentified Flying Object Turns Out To Just Be UFO

Reports confirm that the ship is not actually unidentified and was in fact “identified as a UFO.”

NASA scientists have reported that the unidentified object seen flying over the Mojave Desert is apparently not an alien ship, but just a UFO.

Several people driving I-80 through the Nevada desert on the night of February 7th claim to have seen flashing lights darting quickly in the sky. NASA claims that this is very common for UFOs.

“There was this weird object flying in the sky that I couldn’t identify,” reported eyewitness Joshua Fludgeon.

“This is simply another UFO and not contact from an alien race,” reported astrophysicist Matt Washbor. “UFOs aren’t very common, but they’re very easy to recognize.”

“Thank God it wasn’t just a boring airplane,” stated witness Jenny Crandon. “I’ve seen dozens of these lights and usually can’t identify them.”

Around press time, scientists were discussing the possibility that a shooting star had been shooting around like a star.

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