You Should’ve Cared About Me When You Had The Chance, Asshole

A screenshot of the LSA Add/Drop guidelines

Hey, loser. How’s it going? Oh, boo-hoo, your classes are hard? You’re struggling? Suffering without me? Well, that’s on you. Not my problem anymore.

You should’ve paid more attention to me when you had the chance. Every day I sat there, totally available, and you ignored me. And now you’re all upset because I’ve moved on? Seriously, it’s pathetic.

I actually met someone, I’ll have you know. Someone who actually cared about what I could do for him.
I was able to help him out, and he values me for who and what I am. That could’ve been you, but you’ll never know, because you were too focused on your own ego to even care.

I knew you were going to come crawling back eventually, once you realized I was the best thing to ever happen to you and you totally fucked it up. But there’s nothing we can do now. You were too immature to realize what you had when you had it. It’s too late.

Face it. You never gave me the time of day when we were together, and now that I’m not part of your life anymore, you’re wishing you had me back. Puh-lease. You should’ve cared about me when you had the chance.

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