Autonomous Car Accident Brings MCity Murder Rate To 100%

MCity autonomous vehicle
Residents of MCity were also confused after an autonomous racecar appeared in the town talking about some “Piston Cup.”

Following an incident at the The University’s autonomous car testing facility on North Campus, the murder rate in MCity has spiked to an all time high of 100%.

It was reported that a bug in tech startup Uber2’s self-driving algorithm caused the AI to identify the group of 15 researchers observing the test as potential threats, activating the modified Chevy Silverado’s fight-or-flight response.

According to onboard telemetry and footage of the incident, the frightened car “plowed through the unsuspecting group of engineers at nearly 40 miles per hour as robotic testing mannequins stared unflinchingly at the ensuing carnage.”

Following the gruesome incident, the car resumed its testing routine amongst the gory carnage. The vehicle finished the test with a near perfect driving accuracy score, despite having committed the most devastating act of vehicular manslaughter in MCity history.

“This spike in crime should startle everyone,” explained MCity’s chief of police, an autonomous Ford Crown Victoria. “With current predictive models, we expect the murder rate to reach 200% by the end of this year.”

At press time, the perpetrating car had been taken into custody by the city’s fleet of autonomous police cruisers, who are investigating the crime.

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