Fast Food Employee Really Excited Customer About To Order Off Secret Menu

Hadfield had been waiting several minutes that day for someone to order something secret.

Local fast-food employee Meghan Hadfield was reportedly “super stoked” when a morning-rush customer said that they were going to order something off the secret menu.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to make your Pink Starburst Smoothie,” said Hadfield. “I don’t think we even have Starbursts anymore, but my boss said I could just run down to the convenience store and grab some for you. Which, of course, I’d be more than happy to do.”

Gary Smith, Assistant Manager of the location, thought the secret menu was “great for business.”

“As much as I hate to see my minimum-wage employees all stressed out,” reported Smith, “I do love to see one customer get exactly what they want. I even like it when the rest of the line gets backed up all the way out the door while a bunch of seventeen year-olds try to figure out how to make the ‘Suicide Burger’ you just heard about on Twitter.”

Employees in the kitchen were similarly anxious to get to work on the secret menu item.

“An Ice Cream Quesadilla? Yeah, I can make that for you on the double!” said prep-cook Nick Fletcher. “Let me just make some ice cream from scratch and start thawing a couple tortillas. Shouldn’t be long and it’ll be made with love.”

At press time, customers behind the gourmand in line reported that they had a thin string of drool hanging from their chins.

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