Freshman Getting On Commuter North About To Learn It Doesn’t Always Go North

Student walking onto blue bus reading "Commuter North"
Folande was also reportedly much more relieved after stepping onto the North-East Shuttle.

LSA freshman Mario Folande was recently seen boarding the Commuter North bus at the CCRB, foolishly expecting a ride to Pierpont Commons.

Folande was attempting to reach North Campus to attend his EECS 215 lecture. Folande “naively” sat on Commuter North with his headphones in, unaware it made the turn past East Hall and towards the Law Quad.

“I saw him panic and pull the cord as soon as I turned right, but why should I care,” reported bus driver Charles Montine. “I did laugh when I saw him running in my rearview mirrors.”

“He’s in my class, and I was waiting at the CCRB for a bus to actually bring me to Pierpont. He showed up like 20 minutes later and didn’t say anything, but I knew,” reported fellow classmate Sophia Borinda.

Folande had been seen running back to the CCRB, and was “gifted” with a chance to catch a Commuter South bus to reach North Campus, but reportedly idled until a Bursley-Baits arrived.

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