Google Search Tab For “What Is A Molecule” Hastily Deleted Before Sharing Screen With Professor

Google search tab reading, "what is a molecule"
Keebler claimed the near-mistake was “the biggest rush of adrenaline [he] had felt since accidentally leaving [his] Zoom mic on while going to the bathroom.”

U-M junior Lewis Keebler was reportedly spotted closing out of a Google search tab for “what is a molecule” immediately before joining an office hours Zoom call for his Biology 207 class.

Witnesses of the event, which occurred on the first floor of the Shapiro Undergraduate Library, remarked that Keebler seemed nervous he would “seem stupid” and “not be taken seriously by his professor.”

“It was a smart move,” reported friend Alexis Lynch. “You leave a tab like that up in office hours and suddenly the professor’s speaking to you like you’re a lost cause. I mean, he probably is, but the professor shouldn’t know that.”

“I mean, I obviously know what a molecule is. I’m a Bio major,” Keebler later backtracked, “but sometimes you just need, like, a little refresher of what counts as a molecule and what doesn’t.”

At press time, Keebler was seen holding his breath after accidentally clicking on his browser history tab while still sharing his screen.

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