House Realizes All At Once That They Left Kayla In Ft. Lauderdale

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The housemates allegedly all gasped in unison upon not seeing Unger on her usual spot on the couch.

Life at a household on Geddes Avenue reportedly came to a halt yesterday after the six residents realized that they left their housemate Kayla Unger in Ft. Lauderdale after visiting there on spring break.

The housemates were hanging out in the living room when the conversation lulled, and Will Christian stood up and asked, “Wait … where’s Kayla?”

The frightened housemates reportedly began frantically calling their friend to see if she had maybe been at home for two weeks and hadn’t told anyone, as others began combing through her Instagram to see if she had posted anything about being stuck in Florida.

They were later seen trying desperately to get in touch with Unger’s parents after witnesses report that the house couldn’t get in contact with their abandoned comrade.

Unger was last seen in a folding chair on a beach with a piña colada in her hand, awaiting the next round of spring breakers.

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