Mold In Bathroom Probably Green For Saint Patrick’s Day

Last month, Berry also reported that the mold was likely red for Valentine’s Day.

Junior Madison Berry is reporting that the mold growing in her bathroom is “probably green for Saint Patrick’s Day.”

After discovering the emerald green fungi in her shower, Berry reportedly chose to see the mold as a sign of the season rather than evidence of a moisture problem. “I’ll admit I was a little concerned about the mold at first,” said Berry. “But I really think it adds to the festive ambiance. It looks liketheriverinChicago.”

“It’s so nice to see things getting green again in the spring,” continued Berry. “The cold season can get so depressing. Nothing had been growing in my bathroom during the winter.”

Berry’s boyfriend Cole Handerson also felt that the mold helped him get into the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit. “I think it’s so cool of the mold to help us decorate for the holiday,” said Handerson. “I’m also pretty sure that’s how they make green beer.”

Samantha Waters, Berry’s roommate, was less taken with the mold and attempted to clean it up. “I got a paper towel and some bleach and tried to wipe up the mold,” said Waters. “But I couldn’t get it. I couldn’t pinch it because it was wearing green.”

At press time, the mold had been seen spreading its festive spirit around the kitchen sink and dishwasher.

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