Great Joke On Twitter Made By Furry

Someone's furrsona
Smith later laughed at a tweet made by a Brony.

According to recent reports, a great joke that was posted on Twitter has been discovered to have been posted by a furry.

The revelation was made by new Twitter user Sharon Smith who reportedly did not know what a furry was before the interaction.

“It’s just so sad, you know? To see such a good joke just thrown away?” Smith commented. “Like it was REALLY funny, why did such a strange man have to make it?”

According to Smith, she had been reading tweets about the Will Smith slapping incident at the most recent Oscars and reportedly wanted to see what else the user thought.

“It was so perfect! It was nuanced, it was funny, it had a great perspective!” Smith claimed. “But then, I went to his Likes to find more, and it was filled with anthropomorphic dolphins urinating on each other.”

At press time, Smith was seen hesitantly laughing at a tweet.

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