Rich Friend Takes Working Class Aesthetic Too Far By Getting Job

Man standing at counter swiping card for patron
Olsavsky was allegedly “super excited to try out the whole ‘hourly wage’ thing.”

Local out-of-state student Brandon Olsavsky has reportedly taken his working-class aesthetic “too far” by getting an part-time job checking MCards at the CCRB.

“You know, I kind of shrugged it off when Brandon started wearing Carhartt and calling it ‘laborcore’, but hearing him talk about being ‘scheduled’ for a ‘shift’ is really taking it farther than he should,” said Benji Erdahl, friend of Olsavsky and LSA junior.

Amelia Wojcik, a coworker of Olsavsky, expressed a similar sentiment, remarking that Olsavksy should “leave the job-having to us actual poors.”

“It all started when he realized he could bitch about our manager,” said Wojcik. “Then it escalated. Now he’s coming to work with coal dust on his face and singing ‘The Promised Land’ by Bruce Springsteen. before every shift.”

Having a job hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Olsavsky, a fifth-year Ross student whose parents have a Wikipedia page. He was allegedly “shocked and confused” as to why there were “taxes” taken out of his paycheck, saying “I thought you were just supposed to evade those,” before
asking Wojcik where the nearest Bank of Seychelles branch was.

Olsavsky told Erdahl that while the gig has been a “great learning experience,” and he thinks the people who work have “such a neat aesthetic”.

At press time, Olsavksy was considering tattooing “labor is entitled to all it creates” in a location not visible to future white-collar employers.

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