Ross Student Surprised To Learn There No Such Thing As “Girl Money”

Photoshopped man in frustrated, on the phone in University of Michigan Ross School of Business' interior
According to Bennett’s recollection, “girl money” is also hot pink and covered in glitter.

Sources are reporting that junior Aaron Bennett recently discovered that there is apparently no such thing as “girl money.”

“He just came out and asked me one day, ‘Can I see some of your girl money?’” recalled Hannah Burns, a former friend of Bennett’s. “He started babbling about hot pink money that ‘only girls can use for girl stuff’. I told him to get the fuck out of my apartment.”

Campus advisors have confirmed that Bennett is a student of the Ross School of Business, with a concentration on foreign exchange.

“I totally thought it was a different currency,” said Bennett. “I’ve been paying in American dollars this whole time thinking, ‘This money has men on it, so this must be money for men.’ I swear I saw a bill with Margaret Thatcher on it once.”

Grace Trier, an employee at the North Quad dining hall, said Bennett asked her about girl money the previous week.

“Yeah, that guy asked me if he could load his MCard with Girl Dollars. I swiped it a few times and pretended to click something on the computer and then told him it was done,” claimed Trier. “He smirked and ran towards the salads like he was in National Treasure or something.”

At press time, Bennett was seen attempting to find a cryptocurrency named “Girl Coin” to show he was right.

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