Waiter Taking Order For “Well Done” Steak Happy To Hear He Doing Good Job

Waiter taking a group's order at a table
Long reportedly coasted through his entire shift on Table 44’s kind compliment.

A local waiter is pleased to hear he is doing a good job after taking an order for a steak “well done.”

Benjamin Long was recently hired as a waiter at The Prancing Horse. “I was so happy to hear that guy tell me that his steak was well done,” said Long. “He told me again when I brought it to him. Yelled it, actually. He must have been really happy with his meal.”

The chef was less enthusiastic about Long’s performance. “I overheard a customer asking Ben for a rare steak,” said chef Kyle Daily. “He told them that he thought every steak was special.”

Witnesses reported that Long had an interesting interaction with another customer who attempted to order a steak. “Sir Loin? Oh, there’s no need to call me sir,” said Long. “And my name’s actually Long. It’s fine, it’s a common mistake.”

Long was reportedly shocked when a customer asked for a popular cut of meat. “He asked me for a New
York Strip,” said Long. “We’re not that kind of restaurant. I told him, ‘Sir, this is a family restaurant and we’re in West Virginia.’”

At press time, Long was reportedly asking what he could do better after taking an order for a steak “medium-well.”

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