Michigan State’s President Fired For Much Less Funny Reason Than Michigan’s

Soon-to-be former MSU president Samuel Stanley
President Stanley's wrongdoings are allegedly "not even a little funny," when compared to the absolute idiocy of former president Schlissel.

Following reports that the Michigan State University Board of Trustees has given their school president Samuel Stanley Jr. just days to announce his resignation or face termination, students from both schools have commented that the circumstances around his firing are “decidedly less funny” than that of former University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel in January of this year.

Stanley, who is currently under investigation for Title IX offenses, as well as his handling of affairs within the school’s Office of Institutional Equality and the Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct office, is not expected to be the inspiration for the flood of memes and hilarious Twitter  content that followed the sacking of Schlissel last winter, after he had used his university email account to have an affair with a subordinate.

“Both scandals are very serious,” says current MSU student Skylar Heartwell. “But our guy did some pretty fucked shit. I’m sure it won’t have hits like ‘lonely, -m,’ and the whole thing about the knishes.”

After Schlissels’ termination led to what students have called “the best night in the history of UMich Twitter,” as well as “YikYak’s best moment at this school,” students in East Lansing are reportedly preparing once again to protest their school’s administration after their third consecutive president has been fired for the handling of a sexual misconduct case.

“This really sucks for MSU,” says Michigan sophomore Lindsey Connor. “I wish they could share in the joy of having a president get fired for doing something stupid and hilarious like ours did; their scandals are so much heavier.” 

The embattled soon-to-be former MSU president has been seen on the phone with Mark Schlissel, reportedly planning on starting a support group for scandal-plagued former university presidents.

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