Adam And Eve Announce Remix To Original Sin

An accessorized Adam and Eve pose.
Cain and Abel are also expected to drop a verse on the track that sources say is “rockin’.”

Reports confessed last week that Adam and Eve of the Garden of Eden are currently working on a remix to their Original Sin.

This upcoming sin will be a sensational successor to their previous sin, which according to select sources gave significant rise to the Fall of Man.

“God knows, this new project has been in the works for a long, long time,” Eve revealed, “like an eternity.”

Reactions to the announcement have been varied. Some fans of the Original Sin remain curious as to whether this remix will have the same course-of-humanity changing consequences as the last, or if Adam and Eve are instead a one-hit-wonder. Others believe to conflate the two sins would be a sin in and of itself, as fruitfully juxtaposing them would be like comparing apples-and-oranges.

“There’s a lot to consider, since our Original Sin was such a hit,” Adam disclosed, “But God willing, we’re hoping this remix will spark as much free will theological discourse, etiological ruminations, humanistic debates, declarations of the first moral law of man, allegorical readings of the advent of hunter-gatherer society, and reflections on the eternal karmic repercussions of fornication as did the first. Amen!”

At press time, Adam and Eve were seen consulting with Moses, who is rumored to be dropping an eleventh commandment.

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