Coffee Table Book Wishes It Was Defined By More Than Its Size And Location

book on top of a coffee table
Coffee table books are considering unionizing with vinyl records and issues of The New Yorker.

A coffee table book of Annie Leibovitz photographs from luxury publisher Taschen spoke out earlier last week, telling the press it “hoped to be defined by more than [its] size and location.”

“I have a lot to offer in between these covers,” the book said. “I’m more than just a pretty face, you know?”

The book reportedly hopes to “move beyond the labels” and change the “oversimplified” vocabulary regarding its existence. It has been in talks with the American Library Association to broadcast its views to a larger audience.

“Trust me, I know about the dust that’s accumulated on my front cover,” the book said. “Just because I’m giant and a makeshift coaster doesn’t mean you can’t read me.”

Paperbacks that live on shelves are rallying in support of the coffee table
book. They are reportedly working to acknowledge the concessions they’ve been granted to reside in comfortable housing with frequent interaction from visitors.

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