Gmail Schedule Send Successfully Tricks Professors Into Thinking You Professional, Responsible Early-Riser

A screenshot of the Gmail schedule send menu.

Late-night reports confirmed that LSA junior Justin Tickerson had successfully utilized the Gmail Schedule Send feature to trick his professors into thinking he was a professional, responsible early-riser.

Allegedly delirious and sleep- deprived, Tickerson was “delighted” at the “digital deception” posed to his Linguistics 345 instructor, Professor McHardy. Drafted originally at 3:45 am, Ticker strategically scheduled the electronic message to arrive in Professor McHardy’s inbox at 7:45 am as a means to evoke the illusion of academic responsibility.

“At first, I thought he would think I’m mad messaging him for homework help late into the wee hours of the night,” Tickerson said. “With this scheduling scheme, I’ll seem like the most conscientious student in class.”

According to sources, Tickerson was “hardly done” with McHardy. Following his formidable ploy, Ticker moved on to cleverly misleading his Anthropology 404 instructor, Professor Horus, in a reportedly “eerie” 4 am frenzy.

“It’s like magic!” Tickerson exclaimed in the early hour as he clicked the “Schedule Send” button.

Reports stated that Tickerson “reveled in his electronic enchantments,” imagining how honored Professor Horus would feel when receiving his request for office hours punctually at 8 am.

At press time, Tickerson was seen mourning the destruction of his reputation after hastily hitting send on accident to an email to his History instructor at 4:30 am.

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