“I’ll Have Whatever You Recommend,” Reports Area Woman To Sperm Bank

Woman at sperm donation appointment with doctor
Yundt specified that she didn’t want any sperm that was “fruity or full-bodied”.

Area woman Amanda Yundt was recently seen at a sperm bank consultation, telling the technician, “I’ll have whatever you recommend.” 

“Is there a house sample I could try?” Yundt was later seen asking, as she flipped through a list of samples of various ages and regions. “I’m looking for something elegant and complex.” 

“Which one do I prefer?” Dr. Rodney James, head doctor at James Fertility Group, reportedly asked the patient. “That’s a good question. You can’t go wrong with either, but I’d have to recommend this 1984 sample from the south of France. Bright and smooth with very nice legs.”

Nurses and technicians at the bank were reportedly seen bringing Yundt samples and presenting them to her, allowing her to test before committing to just one. “I know it’s poor etiquette to send it back, but I only want the best,” Yundt reported. 

At press time, Yundt was seen regretting the fact that she “hadn’t bothered to look up the menu” before her appointment at the sperm bank.

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