NFL Announcers Super Excited To Tell Viewers About Show They’ve Clearly Never Seen 

Two NFL announcers.
The announcers reportedly mispronounced Andre Braugher’s name while advertising “The Good Fight.”

September 11th marked the beginning of the new NFL season, and according to reports, the NFL’s premiere announcers are excited to promote new shows that they have clearly never seen. 

“We’re very interested to see Matthew Stafford and the Rams return and see what they have in store,” said announcer Jim Nantz. “However, we are equally excited to see the return of Queen Latifah in ‘The Equalizer,’ premiering Sunday, October 2 on CBS and Paramount+.” 

“You know, this has been a really disappointing start for Joe Burrow and Cincinnati. I really think everyone involved with the team should be embarrassed,” said commentator for FOX Sports, Joe Aseason with a series of devastating losses. “But you know what’s not disappointing? The new hit series ‘Monarch.’ New episodes every Sunday on FOX!” 

The league’s announcers are reportedly “so stoked” about said programs, that they are having difficulty maintaining their composure while commentating. During last Sunday’s Bears vs. Texans game, after Bears quarterback Justin Fields suffered a “devastating, possibly career-ending” injury to his right shoulder, ABC’s Cris Collinsworth said in response, “Boy, you know, this is heartbreaking to see…But not as heartbreaking as the new season of ‘A Million Little Things’ airing on ABC.” 

According to sources close to the NFL, announcers are just as enamored about whether the Buffalo Bills can “win it all” this season as they are with the “refreshing taste” of Coke Zero Sugar.

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