Prisoner Walkout Thwarted by Prison, Legal System

Prisoners in orange uniforms walk towards a barbed-wire fence.
The prisoner walkout was followed by a prisoner walkbackin.

Last Friday, prisoners attempting a walkout in protest of prison conditions were prevented from doing so on account of the prison and legal system.

Outside activists reported that the prison staff were very well prepared for the walkout: Large barbed-wire fences, security cameras, watchtowers, paid and armed guards, and more all effectively broke the walkout before prisoners even stepped off the premises.

Legal notices that required prisoners be detained on the premises were also circulated, raising the possibility that prisoners walking out may not have even been legal.

“How could a system which locks human beings in dirty cages with no windows and no air conditioning in the summer not allow for those inside to voice their opinion?” said local woman Lisa Lisentimy.

“Even if we had been able to walk out, we’re all wearing identifiable uniforms, and we were in the middle of nowhere… what were we supposed to do?” said Ray Fifelski, who staged the attempted walkout.

It has been rumored that Fifelski and his team have a sit-in planned for later next month which they believe will be “much more effective.”

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