Report: Iyaz Unsure What To Listen To Now That iPod No Longer Stuck On Replay

Iyaz was reportedly in for a “rude awakening” in discovering the looping feature.

Thirteen years after releasing his hit single, Replay, Iyaz, now free of his iPod’s faulty replay function, has literally no idea what to listen to.

Upon realization that “shawty was no longer stuck in his head like a melody,” associates of Iyaz report that he is “over the moon” with excitement. Unfortunately, the thirteen -year musical time loop has left him tremendously out of touch. “This is the best news ever!” exclaimed Iyaz. “Look out P!nk, you’re gonna be in my ears 24/7. Let’s ‘raise a glass’ to you!”

Longtime friend and sound engineer for Iyaz’s musical projects, Rip Williams, expressed concerns about his friend. “I don’t recognize him anymore,” said Williams. “It’s been over a decade, but musically speaking, he’s stuck in 2009. I’m starting to hate him.”

Clueless about what to do, Iyaz reportedly headed to the mall to seek answers. As luck would have it, he met a girl who was at the mall with her friend. He was scared to approach her, but then she came closer, hoping she would give him a chance.

Knowing it was only a matter of time before they become more than friends, Iyaz made sure to make use of his iPod’s shuffle option, instead of pressing replay.

At press time, Iyaz learned he could upgrade to the iPod Nano 5th Generation, which comes in a variety of colors and a polished exterior.

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