Single Student Enough To Disrupt Weeks’ Worth Of Unspoken Seating Arrangement In Lecture Hall

Students sitting in a lecture hall, all in the wrong spots
The disruption caused mass inconvenience in the entire auditorium.

Sophomore Elana Fillon was seen sitting one row behind her usual spot in her Anthro 101 lecture, creating a chain reaction that caused chaos in the entire class.

After moving back a row, there appeared to not be enough room between Fillon and another student, Tony Lake, in the row for Kyle Smith and his five-strong friend group who signed up to take the class together, causing them to sit on the other side of Lake.

This action, in turn, caused Irene Jenkins-Hyde, who usually sat in the middle of the row for the acoustics, to sit in the front row, reportedly causing Janice Lloyd, who usually sat in the front, to move to the back corner, as she preferred to sit far away from her classmates in order to concentrate.

Lloyd, however, allegedly sat in the spot frequented by Matt Anderson, who enjoyed that spot for its proximity to the door. Anderson moved to the opposite corner, where he sat next to Jenny Lee, who he would go on to ask out a week later.

After seeing Anderson sitting next to Lee, Martin Keller, who had been seen sitting near to Lee on many occasions since the beginning of class, sat three rows down from his usual spot, causing every person sitting in that column of people to make the same three-seat move.

When class began, students reportedly were either too uncomfortable or too upset to concentrate on the eighty-minute lecture.

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