Years Worth Of Gymnastic Training Overshadowed By Dog Catching Frisbee

A dog in a Michigan bandana stands on the Big House sidelines.
Gymnastics students have reportedly since shifted gears to training on canine agility courses.

According to sources at Saturday’s football game, U-M cheerleader Jack Sage’s years of dedicated athleticism and elite gymnastic training was overshadowed by a dog catching a Frisbee at a timeout.

“I’ve been training for 15 years. Coming to the Big House was my big break,” reported Sage, “but when I saw that lil doggy catch that flying disc, I knew I stood no chance.”

Victor, a black lab, captured the attention of all 115,300 attendants in the Big House nearly at the same time as Sage and the rest of the team performed their well-practiced routine.

“Backflips, twirls, front flips, we’ve seen all that before,” stated football fan Greg Pauly, “But that doggo snatching that disc? That’s something I’ll never forget.”

At press time, the cheerleaders were seen seriously re-considering their next halftime routine with the hopes of reigning victorious over Victor’s ardent viciousness.

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