Desperate “Good News” Instagram Account Resorts To Posting Photo Of Cute Dog

A cute dog sitting in the grass
Despite the dog’s silence on the COP27 resolutions, he was deemed “good enough” news to post on the page.

Witnesses say that the popular Instagram account @goodnewsdaily has stooped to posting a photo of a “really cute puppy” in the absence of literally any good news to report.

The account was started several years ago by administrator Irma Wilson, and initially posted legitimate news stories such as “Great Barrier Reef To Be Restored By 2020,” “Doctors Discover Cure For Rare Childhood Cancer,” and “Giant Pandas No Longer Endangered” in an effort to combat the “endless despair” of the 24-hour news cycle.

In recent months, though, the content has shifted away from substantive good news headlines, instead featuring videos of soldiers returning from deployment, stories about people donating kidneys to strangers, and pictures of children of two different races being friends. This was the first time that the account has been reduced to posting a photo of an otherwise normal dog.

“This whole world’s been on the fritz for years now and I’ve just been delaying the inevitable,” said Wilson when contacted for comment. “Wake up, people. I’ve searched everywhere. I’ve looked in the depths of Bing. There is no good news,” Wilson ranted in an Instagram story. “There’s puppies and kids who win science contests and people who leave freakishly large tips on restaurant receipts and that’s IT. No actually good news has occurred since 2018.” 

At the time of publication, Wilson was reported to be posting headlines such as “The Weather Is Nice, Sometimes,” and “Guy Turns 100” in the continuing dearth of positive developments.

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