Recipe: Thin Crust Pizza Except The Crust Is Thick

A thick-crusted pepperoni pizza sits on a baking sheet.

Whenever I entertain guests, this oxymoronic pizza is maybe a crowd pleaser! My grandmother’s authentic Sicilian New York-style pizza is sure to have you asking, “What the hell is this?” The deliciously soft, crispy crust will leave guests asking for more and for answers.


• 2.5 cups flour

• 1 tsp salt

• 1 cup water

• 25 tsp yeast

• Mix flour, salt, and water in a bowl vigorously with caution until you have a liquidy, solid dough.

• Add yeast generously to ensure your thick crust will rise to the perfect thinness.

• Transfer dough to a floured surface and thinly roll gently into a thick circle.

• Flatten dough circle until paper thin, but thick enough to hold its shape, and put in oven at high heat for more than 20 minutes but less than 15 minutes

• Enjoy the delicious doughiness of your thin, pan-style pizza with friends or family (but not both!)

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