Thank You, It’s A Family Recipe!

A woman hold a newborn baby to her chest.

Oh, you like it? Thank you! It’s a family recipe. A really old one, actually. Goes back millions of years, probably way before the concept of recipes even existed. Tens of thousands of pairs of genes, each paired and entwined every subsequent generation by Father Time himself, passed down and down and down like my Aunt Theresa’s potato salad recipe.

He’s a cute little guy, isn’t he? That tiny little nose and those big brown eyes. My favorite ingredients are the eyes that were given to him by men who ran empires, and their fathers before them who died in wars and famines and of diseases he will never even learn of. The same pair of eyes which was passed down to his ancestors from a creature which we wouldn’t even consider human, and who received them by a string of genetic mutations tracing all the way back to a fleck of algae or bacteria in the ocean. Incredible and mighty are the sands of time.

And look at the little onesie! It’s got a giraffe on it, because he just loves giraffes, cute little thing. Only had to bake for nine months.

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